About Me

I consider myself a “crafter” and have been making “stuff” my whole life.   I photo of melove to find or create ways to give my students opportunities to visualize math through making.  Cardboard, hot glue, software, Play-Doh … you name it!  And now that I have my very own 3D printer at home (well, OK, I actually have two), the possibilities for making things are endless!

I have a B.S. in Materials Engineering, with a certificate in International Engineering, from the University of Cincinnati.  I also have an M. Ed. from Xavier University.  After working in Information Technology at Procter & Gamble for seven years, I decided to make a career change and become a high school math teacher.  Fifteen years later, here I am!  Every year, I think (hope?!) that I learn as much as my students do.  I am an avid reader, Twitter user, and follower of all things space and science.

Five years ago, I took an online course called How to Learn Math, which was offered by Jo Boaler at Stanford University.  The course spoke to me as both a student and teacher, and inspired me to completely change the way I teach math.  I was excited to head out to California and attend one of her seminars in person, and I came back with tons of ideas to try in my classroom.  Supporting and discussing mindsets has become a cornerstone of my classroom, all because of Jo Boaler.  She truly inspires my work.

Follow me on twitter at @jmeb96.  I only post about math, science, or education.  Or email me at jamie.back.teach@gmail.com.

I am also a Teacher Blogger for gettingsmart.com.  You can read my articles here.

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